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Product/Service Name:   Transformers


Rowsons offer Cast Resin/ Dry type Distribution Transformers upto 5000 KVA 33 KV Class, which has intrinsic advantages such as no pollution, no liquid, no fire and no maintenance. It has high overload capacity and compact design. Our transformers are easy to install and are completely hassle free while operated.

Oil Cooled Transformers with CRGO / Laser Scribed/ Fluid Filled/ Amorphous Core With our newly introduced Oil Cooled and Fluid filled Transformers, we have brought an instant revolution in power sector. Rest assured of the quality and functionality of the products we market at Rowsons.

A proven product with 40% energy saving and a practical solution for all constant speed applications.

Advance Refrigerant Management System with 20% energy saving.



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